About Shared Living

What is Shared Living?
The philosophy of Shared Living is simple - people do best when they live in homes that are designed with their unique interests and support needs in mind. People must have the opportunity to develop strong, supportive and lasting relationships with those who provide their needed daily assistance.
Home means something different to each of us. Many people prefer the lifestyle, relationships and family atmosphere offered by shared living to that of a group residence or independent/supported living. A Shared Living program provides people with the opportunity to decide what home really means to them.
The Share Living Connector helps our organizations match a person with a developmental disability to a Shared Living Provider. Shared Living Providers may be families, couples or individuals. The match between the supported individual and the provider is key to the success of Shared Living. Providers offer needed support to the person placed in their home and in return receive a stipend, as well as mutual companionship.

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